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Giga Power  HQ-04 Graviter (Metallic Version) - First Edition  - FREE HQ-04  ..
Giga Power  HQ-04R Graviter (Chrome) Rerun HQ-04R Graviter (chrome version) by Giga Power st..
Gigapower GP HQ-01 Superator (Metallic Version)   HQ01  Superator (Metallic Version)..
 Gigapower GP HQ-01R Superator (Chrome Version) HQ01R Superator Chrome Version by Giga Power..
  Gigapower GP HQ03X Guttur (Metallic Weathered)   Material: ABS, Die-cast H..
Gigapower HQ-02 GRASSOR (Metallic Ver)    Figure stands about 11" (28CM) tall. Paint..
Gigapower HQ-02R GRASSOR (Chrome) with fire flame parts Ship Now   ..
Gigapower HQ-02X GRASSOR (Metallic Weathered)   Material: ABS, Die-cast Height: 28cm /..
Pre Order  Gigapower GP HQ-03R Gutter (Chrome) Rerun Final price USD149.9  +shipping ch..
 Gigapower GP HQ-05  Gaudenter  (METALLIC Blue) GigaPower - Gigasaurs - HQ-05 ..
Gigapower GP HQ-05 Gaudenter  (METALLIC RED) (No LED Lamp )   Include: The main b..
Gigapower GP HQ05R Gaudenter  (Chrome Blue)   Include: The main body x 1 Cannon ..
Gigapower GP HQ05R Gaudenter  (Chrome Red) no led lamp ~ Include: The main body x 1 C..
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