BadCube OTS-10 Slick (2021 Rerun)

BadCube OTS-10 Slick (2021 Rerun)

Brand: Badcube
Product Code: BadCube OTS-10 Slick (2021 Rerun)
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 BadCube OTS-010 Slick (Rerun)  Product Details:

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 BadCube OTS-010 Slick (Rerun)

 Product Details:
- MP Scale 
- Around the smallest robot size, robot mode around 11.5cm/4.5" tall. 
- Has die-cast parts. 
- Accessories include: 
- A rifle, personality alter circuit card, welding torch and a happy face 
- Smooth and Inventive transformation 
- OTS-09 and OTS-10 has same truck mode, but completely different robot mode 
- Robot and truck mode scale very well with other small and larger robots 
- Other figures shown sold separately







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