Snail Shell BUN-CHAN 1/12 BEE-03W WASP GIRL

Snail Shell BUN-CHAN 1/12 BEE-03W WASP GIRL

Product Code: Snail Shell BUN-CHAN 1/12 BEE-03W WASP GIRL
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Snail Shell BUN-CHAN 1/12 BEE-03W WASP GIRL 

This is a posable action figure.

The bee girl 'Bun-chan' drawn by the popular illustrator Mogumo makes an appearance as a super articulated and detailed 1/12 scale action figure!

Both eyes can be moved freely via the fully articulated eyeball gimmick, and can be combined with the face parts to create a variety of expressions. The antennae parts are made of a soft material that can be heated in hot water or with a hair dryer to pose them in any way you like. Wing parts utilize a special, high-grade soft material to reduce the risk of damage while retaining the clear texture. The tights on her thighs are made with an amazing 'compound eye modeling + gradation paint' technique! A combination of the external clear parts and the internal skin-colored parts recreates a realistic insect-like texture!  The handle of the Stinger Lancer weapon is made of real metal and the beehive motif of the BEEM shield is replicated using three separate effect parts.

A special pedestal that's included features a storage function, so you can store all of her interchangeable parts inside of it! Additionally, a purchase bonus shikishi (art board) is included featuring an illustration by artist Mogumo!


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