Fansproject - Function X-V - M.A.D.L.A.W

Fansproject - Function X-V - M.A.D.L.A.W

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Product Code: FP Function X-V - M.A.D.L.A.W
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Fansproject - Function X-V - M.A.D.L.A.WDiscounted item ( ALL Brand new but this old product can't 

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Fansproject - Function X-V - M.A.D.L.A.W

Discounted item ( ALL Brand new but this old product can't get replacemnt parts, non-refundable and Return )

Mastering the elements, V now roams the cosmos ready to dish out his own brand of justice.

Featuring 6 totally different modes of play: Master V, the vibrant warrior; Air Strike, master of metal; Dirt Driller, master or earth; Laser Shot, Master of fire; Aqua Force, master of water; Wood Runner, master of wood.

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