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What means by posting without original box?

On request, we could provide a special packing service to post figure by removing its original box.

  • Purpose to save postage by removing useless original packaging.
  • For example , the total weight of Warbtron WB03E is 2.2 kg but the net weight of figure and booklet is 1kg only. Without the original box, buyer could save about USD10-15 postage.


Hints to choose packing with/without original box

  • By our experience, it is always no need to pay tax and easier for custom clearance without original box.
  • The postage difference is subjected to items box design. For example, figure in a large original box, postage will be reduced by removing the original box.  On the other hand, no much postage difference for a weapons set in a small original box.
  • We offer special packaging to ensure no damage even sent in loose for worldwide.

Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Maximilian Jenius)

Product Code: Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Max)
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Condition: BRAND NEW

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Bandai Macross Hi-Metal R VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Maximilian Jenius)

Joint Force ace pilot, dedicated VF-1J of Maximilian Genus is competing in the HI-METAL R Macross series!

- Maximilian Genus blue color ring private.
- Super Parts commercialized to reproduce the blue and white color pattern to match the body.
- It comes with a dedicated base of special design which arranged a graphic of Maximilian Genus!
- Underway commercialization of Milia machine indispensable as a partner of Max machine!
- Stand is included plan which arranged the graphic Millia Farina, Genus also Milia machine.

- The contents of a set: VF-1J Valkyrie body, detail parts, wing left and right for the missile, a small wing, canopy cover, landing legs (under the nose), landing legs left and right, the shutter open air intakes left and right, the replacement round wrist left three right two, the replacement angle wrist left three right two, gun pods, booster pod left and right, missile armor block left and right, propellant tank left and right, missile pod × 4, reaction bullet × 2, reaction bullet 2-column × 2, joint parts (for Battroid, for the fighter, for Gawoku), dedicated pedestal set

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