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What means by posting without original box?

On request, we could provide a special packing service to post figure by removing its original box.

  • Purpose to save postage by removing useless original packaging.
  • For example , the total weight of Warbtron WB03E is 2.2 kg but the net weight of figure and booklet is 1kg only. Without the original box, buyer could save about USD10-15 postage.


Hints to choose packing with/without original box

  • By our experience, it is always no need to pay tax and easier for custom clearance without original box.
  • The postage difference is subjected to items box design. For example, figure in a large original box, postage will be reduced by removing the original box.  On the other hand, no much postage difference for a weapons set in a small original box.
  • We offer special packaging to ensure no damage even sent in loose for worldwide.

ZA-07 Bruticon Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures

Product Code: ZA-07 Bruticon Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures
Availability: In Stock
Condition: Brand new

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ZA-07 Bruticon Combiner Metallic Edition Set of 5 Figures | Zeta Toys


Nothing beats a massive combiner fighting its way through an even bigger battle. What could be better than creating a display for your collection of one of the biggest, most powerful combiners around? And now this mighty Bruticon from Zeta Toys comes as a Metallic Edition and is a worthy conclusion to your search for the perfect combiner. Bruticon Metallic edition isn’t a mere single robot—he’s five robots that form into one massive combiner! 

Zeta Toys’ ZA-07 Bruticon metallic edition is formed with five individual robots, all of whom you’ll receive in this set—Take Off ( ZA-01), Whirlwind (ZA-02), Blitzkrieg (ZA-03), Uproar (ZA-04) and Racket (ZA-05). Four of the figures stand approximately 8.3” tall in robot mode, while a fifth figure—the maniacal Blitzkrieg—towers above his compatriots at 10” tall in robot mode. Each of these figures is approximately masterpiece scale. Featuring a space shuttle, helicopter, tank, missile vehicle and humvee alternate modes, these robots are ready to battle on all fronts. When they combine, they form the massive Bruticon—one of the largest combiners in existence at approximately 22” tall in its robot form, also reaching masterpiece scale.

Gorgeous, inspired color schemes work hand in hand with rugged metallic construction to create a figure (or figures if you prefer individual modes) that will stand out in any collection. Add amazing articulation and engineering to the mix and you have perhaps one of the coolest combiners available today. The best part? Transforming and combining the figures together couldn't be simpler.

Bruticon comes in exclusive gift set packaging, with plenty of weapons, accessories and the parts you need to combine all of the robots together. 

Product Features

  • Height: 22” (Bruticon), 10” (Blitzkrieg). 8.3” (Take Off, Whirlwind, Uproar, and Racket)

  • Scale: Masterpiece

  • Updated metallic color coating

  • Upgraded combine mode head piece with sound, light effects, and special detailing (batteries not included)

  • Upgraded back cannons with missile launchers

  • Upgraded soft rubber rollable track for Blitzkrieg figure

  • Upgraded LED headlights for Racket figure (batteries not included)

  • Line: Zeta Armageddon

  • Accessories: Combiner Parts, weapons, and accessories are included

  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • Five unique Zeta Toys figures and their individual weaponry

  • ZA-01 through ZA-05 (Take Off, Whirlwind, Blitzkrieg, Uproar, and Racket)

  • All the parts you need to form the mighty combiner Bruticon

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