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Maketoys MTRM-EX01 ACID SWARM    From Make Toys MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm stands an impressive 10-inches tall in robot mode. MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm is hi...

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From Make Toys MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm stands an impressive 10-inches tall in robot mode. MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm is highly articulated and transforms from a Plane to robot and back and is Masterpiece scaled, scaling with other figures in Make Toys Re: Master line, other 3rd party Masterpiee scaled figures and Takara Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece toyline.


MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm features a distinctly neon green color scheme with dark green accents.  Included with this figure are both acid spray and laser beam blast effects which can attach to the ends of his null rays allowing for recreating collector's favorite scenes.   Blast Effect parts can detach from Acid Swarm and are compatible with and can attach to Make Toys Meteor, Skycrow and lightning figures null rays.   MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm comes in deluxe collector's edition book style packaging, and is an extremely limited edition collector's piece limited to just 500 pieces.  


Make Toys Re: Master EX line of figures features updated color ways and enhancements to the original releases of Make Toys Re: Mastered line.  Each figure takes the Re: Master line to the next level, offering an enhanced look to the figures, featuring a new or improved color scheme, new or remolded parts and accessories, or accessories unique to this figure not included in the original release.   Take your 3rd Party Transformers collection to the next level with the Make Toys Re: Master EX figure collection.  


Quakewave is developing new variations of Energy formulas to enhance his loyal squadron of air warriors.  These new Energy serums modify his test subjects with all new, vastly powerful abilities.  However, the side effects of the new Energy are dangerous to its host, causing the enhanced warriors to become unstable and volatile when their newfound powers are overused in short periods.


Acid Swarm has been infused with the new Acid Energy giving him the ability to attack his adversaries with a corrosive blast as well as the power to conjure acid clouds to form in the upper atmosphere which unleash a deluge of armor eating acid on everything beneath it.  His known weaknesses are anti-acid and water blasts and his tendency to exceed his Acid Energy usage, which causes his own body to begin to corrode.  



Product Features

  • Toy Series: Re: Master Ex
  • Scale: Masterpiece Scale
  • Toy Size: 10.0 inches
  • Alt Mode:Fighter Jet
  • Third party figure
  • Converts from robot to fighter jet and back
  • Made of plastic
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition

Packaging Contents

  • 1 x MTRM-EX01 Acid Swarm
  • 2 x Acid Spray Blast Effects
  • Deluxe Book Style Packaging

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