POSE+ Metal P+06 GaoGaiGar

POSE+ Metal P+06 GaoGaiGar

Product Code: POSE+ Metal P+06 GaoGaiGar
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POSE+ Metal P+06  GaoGaiGar    Height: approx 260mm.──Final fusion! Approval !!

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POSE+ Metal P+06  GaoGaiGar 


Height: approx 260mm.

──Final fusion! Approval !!

――Appeared with full satisfaction from the POSE + series!
――Finally, the true hero we have been waiting for was born, the name is [The King of Braves Gaogaigar]!
――The first in the series, a smart arrangement with Kerenmi, a POSE + monument, and a dynamic action!
--Complete transformation and union without replacement of Gao machine !!

[set content]
・ Geiger
・ Stealth Gao
・ Liner Gao
・ Drill Gao
・ Will knife
・ Stealth Gao cover parts
・ Geiger face parts
・ Protect shade
・ Dividing driver
・ Victory tool
・ Five-finger movable hand (right / left)
・ Hell and Heaven wrist
・ Open hand (right / left)
・ Grip hands (right / left)
・ Handle (right / left)
・ Left hand parts for protect shade
・ Prop
・ Various combined joint parts
・ Various joint parts

--Specifications: Die-cast / painted finished product
--Material: Die-cast, ABS, POM, PVC, PET
--Size: Gaogaigar (when combined) / Height approx. 260 mm, Geiger / Height approx. 220 mm, Liner Gao / Overall length approx. 220 mm, Drill Gao / Overall length approx. 170 mm, Stealth Gao / Width approx. 280 mm





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