Sentinel Metamor-Force Steel Jeeg

Sentinel Metamor-Force Steel Jeeg

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Sentinel Metamor-Force Steel Jeeg    -Completely transformed into a car form! The guardian deity...

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Sentinel Metamor-Force Steel Jeeg    

-Completely transformed into a car form! The guardian deity of steel [Ziegfleet] is born!

--[Ziegfleet], a new guardian deity of steel born in collaboration with Dynamic Planning.
-It has a complete transformation mechanism to the car form, and the specifications that build up with the air as the head are completely reproduced.
――The degree of freedom of movement in the robot form is high, and a wide range of poses is possible.
-A magnet is installed on the sole of the foot, and the Mach drill is held by the magnet when it is in the form of a car.
-Dynamic planning since [Dyno Getter] and `Comic x TOY` interlocking project by Sentinel. The [Zieg Fleet] comic that comes with this work is a large volume and full color of 60 pages! A work by Kazuya Hoshi. Moreover! The legendary [Dyno Getter] (manga: Kazuya Hoshi) has also been made into a comic and included!

--Accessories: Jeeg Bazooka x2, Mach Drill x2, God Sword Balmung, Flat Hand x2, Weapon Holder x2, Knuckle Bomber Wrist, Dyno Getter Comics, Steel Jeeg aka JEEGFRIED Comics

――7 years of conception. Sentinel Zieg delivered with full satisfaction. Do not miss it.

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