POSE+ Metal P+07 Braiger (2nd Batch)

POSE+ Metal P+07 Braiger (2nd Batch)

Product Code: POSE+ Metal P+07 Braiger (2nd Batch)
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POSE+ Metal P+07 Braiger (2nd Batch)[Braiger] 3 steps transformation (Bry Syncron) without replacement, complete transformation is realized.

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POSE+ Metal P+07 Braiger (2nd Batch)

[Braiger] 3 steps transformation (Bry Syncron) without replacement, complete transformation is realized.
-Reproduced with the original structure while following the impressive transformation sequence in the play.

――Die-cast model, POSE + metal series has both action performance and deformation mechanism due to the powerful and wide range of motion ratchet joint.
-You can enjoy outstanding action, beautiful form, and expressive poses.
――If you use the modeling-oriented parts dedicated to the display, you can enjoy a style close to that in the play.

-In addition to various weapons such as Bricanon, Blythe, Blythe Pier, Spear Chain, Cosmo Winder, etc., a wealth of optional parts such as deformation-oriented parts and modeling-oriented parts are also included.
-The bricanon equipped on the back can be deployed to the front and can be extended and held in both hands.
-Two small combat vehicle Cosmo Winders are included. It can be held in both hands as a deformed gun [Bryshot Special].

--Product details: Blythe body, Blythe, Blythe pier, Blythe pier chain and connection parts, Blycanon, Blythe replacement face parts, Cosmo winder x2, modeling-oriented claw (left and right), modeling-oriented ankle cover parts (left and right), Modeling-oriented wing parts (left and right), modeling-oriented nose parts, modeling-oriented Blythe on both sides (left and right), modeling-oriented rear wheel parts x2, weapon connection parts x2, seal

[About Anime [Galaxy Cyclone Braiger]]
--A robot anime planned and produced by Kokusai Eigasha, which has been broadcast since 1981.
-[J9 Series] The first of the trilogy.
--Braiger is a large robot with a total length of 32.4 meters and a weight of 315 tons.
--The J9 team's supercar, Brythunder, is transformed and enlarged by a material-enhancing plasma system that applies the Syncron principle, and is transformed into a spaceship, Bryster, and a combat robot, Bryger in three stages (Brysyncron).

[What is Pose +? ]
――Pose + is a new brand of Hong Kong figure maker AWAKEN STUDIO, which pursues the charm of classic anime robot characters.
――The original deformed structure, joint design with a wide range of motion, and abundant accessories are included to reproduce the modeling of the animation realistically and coolly, emphasizing mobility.
――A unique brand that creates products that satisfy users with all their might.
――We are energetically planning a series one after another.

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