FansToys FT-48 JIVE  (2024 Rerun)

FansToys FT-48 JIVE (2024 Rerun)

Product Code: FansToys FT-48 JIVE (2024 Rerun)
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FansToys FT-48 JIVE  (2024 Rerun) Deposit usd10 each boxFinal price US$159.9  +   shipping chargeRelease on  Q1 2024  

Product Description

FansToys FT-48 JIVE  (2024 Rerun)


Deposit usd10 each box

Final price US$159.9  +   shipping charge

Release on  Q1 2024  

 Fans Toys presents FT-48 Jive, their take on a Masterpice G1 Jazz!
  • Height is roughly 6.3 inches tall in robot mode
  • Transforms from robtot to sports car
  • Features die-cast and rubber tires!
  • Stands in scale to the Masterpiece series
  • Very articulated and capable of assuming many iconic poses
  • Includes:
    • FT-48 Jive Figure
    • Spoiler mount accessories
    • Blaster




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