Bandai HI-METAL R Orguss

Bandai HI-METAL R Orguss

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Bandai HI-METAL R Orguss  

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Bandai HI-METAL R Orguss 

-[Super Dimension Series] 2nd edition! After the 40th anniversary of the broadcast, that [Ogus] revives! Pay attention to the amazing four-stage transformation that transcends time and space!

- Protagonist machine [Ogus] piloted by the main character, Katsuragi Kei. Reproduce the characteristics of a novel aircraft born from the fusion of each civilization in the chaotic space-time. In addition to the humanoid augroid form, it transforms into four forms: flyer, gawalk, and tank! Under the supervision of Mr. Kazuki Miyatake, die-casting and metal parts are used for the joints to achieve a more realistic transformation that is closer to the work. The package illustration is created by Hidetaka Tenjin.

- After 40 years, that [Ogus] is revived! Pay attention to the amazing four-stage transformation that transcends time and space!

- Augeroid form (front)
An augroid form that symbolizes the fusion of space and time. The result of the mingling of two civilizations is the result of this incomparably fascinating and unique detail. The design by Kazutaka Miyatake of Studio Nue shines.

- Augeroid form (rear)
The back design shows a more unique silhouette.

- Flyer form
A form used mainly for long-distance travel. [Propulsion Booster] and [Missile] can be retrofitted on the wings.

- Gerwalk form
The gawalk form that symbolizes the [Super Dimension Series]. In the opening, the scene of replacing the missile is impressive. It can be said that it is the most active form in the work.

- Tank form
Appearance scenes are very few, but on the contrary, land battle specifications that leave an impression. An attractive form with a rugged silhouette that can be said to be an assault type.

- Various poses
This item has many joints for transformation. As a result, it is a specification that allows you to enjoy further various poses.

- Various poses 2
Augus, whose main focus is aerial combat. Specifications that can reproduce various poses full of freedom.

- Attached stand
Comes with a clear color stand. With joints corresponding to augroid, flyer, gawalk, and tank forms. The angle can be adjusted by replacement.

[set content]
・Pedestal set
・Missile x 4
・Propulsion booster x 2
・Missile Gun
・Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
・Orgaloid form back support parts
・ Flyer form arm support parts
・ Tank form rear detail up parts

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