POSE+ Metal Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger

POSE+ Metal Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger

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POSE+ Metal Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger- Realization ...

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POSE+ Metal Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger

- Realization of transformation from a robot to a steam locomotive type train!
-Reproduce the transformation with the original structure while following the impressive transformation sequence in the play.
- 3 passenger cars included! The total length of J9-III is an amazing 720mm!!

- Combining action performance and deformation mechanism with the powerful and wide range of motion ratchet joint unique to the POSE + metal series.
- The triple-jointed ankles ensure high grounding, and you can enjoy outstanding actions, beautiful forms, and expressive poses.
- Elbows are double jointed and can be bent nearly 180 degrees.
- All finger joints are fully movable.
- The weapon beam rifle can be transformed into a flying mecha and a flying shotter.
- Reproduce the drum bazooka on both arms.
- You can enjoy a style similar to the play by using display-oriented parts such as a large-caliber beam cannon and front parts.
- 20mm twin beam turret can be installed.

- In addition to the flight mecha of the Spiral Gyro, Land Rover Tank, and Almond Heli, the J9 series Bryster and Brysander mini-mechas are also included!!
- All mini-mechas, including the Flying Shotter, can be stored in the passenger car.
- The Almond helicopter also comes with PET parts for rotation effects.

- Comes with a special background card of [Sen] [Retsu] [Sen] to commemorate the collection of 3 J9 series works for the first time only.
- An acrylic display with the work logo printed is also included.

- If you use the hand parts of [POSE + Bakushinger] (sold separately) and the wrist connection parts attached to [POSE + Braiger] (sold separately), you can enjoy the weapons of the J9 series.

- Product contents: Susliger main body, large beam muzzle parts, twin beam turret parts & connection parts, flying shotter, modeling-focused front parts, passenger car (1) (for flying shotter), passenger car (2) (for flight mechanism) ), Passenger car (3) (for flight mecha), Almond helicopter & rotation effect PET parts, Spiral gyro, Land Rover tank, Mini Bryster, Mini Brysander, (First time limited) [Sound] [Retsu] [Sen] background card, [Galaxy Gale Susliger] Acrylic Display

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