Diaclone TM-19 Tactical Mover Gale Versaulter Ravager Unit

Diaclone TM-19 Tactical Mover Gale Versaulter Ravager Unit

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Diaclone TM-19 Tactical Mover Gale Versaulter Ravager Unit A ground-attack tactical mov...

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Diaclone TM-19 Tactical Mover Gale Versaulter Ravager Unit 

A ground-attack tactical mover that specializes in ultra-fast combat. The head unit incorporates a reconnaissance satellite-class optical telescope and super-sensitive moving object tracking sensor, and the legs are equipped with a superconducting high-torque running unit with a built-in center of gravity control system as standard, making for unstable running postures such as sharp turns and sliding. However, it always maintains the balance of the center of gravity and performs stable movement and attack maneuvers. The official name is , and the abbreviation is . The body color of the standard model is black green.

The attack process of the Gale Versalter equipped with the Ravager Unit is to destroy the target located at a long distance with its main weapon, the drone-type FZ guided missile, pursue it with super-speed movement, and complete the target with a mopping-up maneuver that makes full use of various weapons. It is common to use a pattern of destroying, or a hit-and-away strategy such as approaching the target of destruction by running at super-speed to a position where it cannot be intercepted, firing a drone-type FZ-guided bullet at close range, and moving away at super-speed.


  • Toy Series: Diaclone Reboot
  • Scale: 1/60 Scale
  • Third party figures
  • Based on the Diaclone series
  • Part of the Diaclone brand
  • Highly articulated
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation
  • Other figures and vehicles shown sold separately
  • Made of ABS, POM,and PVC
  • Product is brand new and in mint condition


  • 1 x Gale Versaulter Vehicle
  • 1 x FZ Missile Drone Ikazuchi
  • 1 x Power Rail Gun
  • 1 x FZ Grenade Beam Gun
  • 1 x Dianaut Figure
  • Instructions


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